Thank you for considering joining us in our adoption journey.  As a family in overseas full time ministry, we are asking the Lord to bring in $30,000 for our adoption.  We are blogging about our journey and you can watch the funds come in via the thermometer on the right hand side of our "home" page.  We are excited to see the Lord do this small miracle and we hope you'll join us in this excitement and in the work He is doing within our family.

There are several ways to donate:

1.  You can write a check to "Steve and Sarah Houser" and mail it to the address below:
                           26228 7th Street West
                           Zimmerman, MN 55398
   This check will be deposited into a checking account specifically for our adoption costs.

 2.  Give online directly to Small World Adoption to a fund set up for our child.  To donate online:

      1.  Click HERE. This will link you to Small World Adoption's website and it should say "Sophie's Fund."
      2.  Enter the amount you wish to donate in the "Donation Amount" box.
      3.  Click "Add to cart."
      4.  Enter all the requested information
      5.  IMPORTANT:  In the "Order Comments" box please write:  "For the Child to be Adopted by     Steve and Sarah Houser."  This will allow your donation to be tax deductible and make sure it is routed to our adoption expenses.  This money will not go directly to us but will go towards reducing our overall costs with our agency.

3.   You can give money directly to us or our parents and we will make sure it goes directly to our adoption fund.

Some Blog posts you don't want to miss:
  • To learn more about where this money will go and what it will be used for, please check out our blog post "It costs how much?!?"
  • To learn more about why we want to adopt, please check out our blog post "So....Why are we adopting?"
  • If you are curious about our process and timeline, please check out our blog post "Process and Timeline"
  • And if you are new to our Adoption Journey, you can check out the topic selection on the right hand side of this blog, below the thermometer and click "Adoption" and all our posts on this topic will pop up for you to enjoy!

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