Saturday, October 29, 2011


Steve is trying to learn.

Thanks, Caleb, for your inspiration and your endless hours of patience.

He'll get cords C, D and E down one of these days!

Uh, mom?

Uh, mom?  Hang on there a sec....can I just ask you one question?
Why is the camera in here and why are you taking pictures of me on the potty?!?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A view from my laundry room

A late afternoon glimpse from my laundry room window, blessing number 132 from these past weeks.
Can't help but stop and enjoy every time I do laundry.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Apple Butter

Tomorrow we are hosting the women of our church at our home for a Fall Recipe Exchange.  It should be a fun time of fellowship and good food.  This morning, after a play date at a nearby park with Sara and her daughter (Maddy), Caleb and I enjoyed peeling, chopping, coring, eating and prepping a large pile of apples for apple butter.  It's so fun to start doing things with Caleb - or at least watching him take interest and try to learn new skills.  He mostly just enjoyed eating the apple chunks but he did try his hand at "peeling" and it was just fun to have him up there with me. 

This afternoon during his nap, I am going to make Sweet Potato Carrot Apple Lentil Soup (which if you have never made this, you have to!! It is so good.  Seriously one of our favorite fall foods - Steve and Caleb too!).  And in the morning, we'll bake bread for the apple butter. What are some of your favorite fall foods?  Leave a comment, share a link, we love new recipes!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hello Fall

Literally overnight Korea went from hot summer days to cool, wet and blustery fall weather.  It's great and fun to be officially Fall.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

An overdue update

I can not believe how few pictures I've taken these past few weeks.  We have a record low in our October picture folder and we're already half way through October.  It's been a busy month....a good month, but busy.

I haven't blogged about it much yet but I've started working as a doula (labor support for women) here in Korea and am really enjoying it.  I have been working on my certification through Childbirth International and also had the amazing opportunity to shadow some experienced doulas here this past spring before they moved back Stateside.  There is such a need, especially here in Korea where so many women are away from family (and friends) who are back in the States.  It's great to be able to support and care for them during such a special (and also stressful) transition in their lives.  I've had such an honor to be a part of several births this month, although ideally I would like to keep it to only one or two births.  You can check out more on our website (my friend Gail has decided to start her certification and do it with me), at .  Anyway, this has kept me busy and apparently less time to blog and snap pictures!

We continue to be amazed by all the many things Caleb learns on a daily basis - this is absolutely such a fun age.  He comes up with the funniest things to say and we get a good laugh at least once a day.  Recently Caleb (half dressed) found his little lunchbox and went about acting like daddy.

 He gathered all his things, said "bye hunnie" to me, said "see ya buddy" to Steve, walked over to the door and looked back saying "where da keys?"  Finding them on the ledge by the door, he reached up and tried to "unlock." 

At this point Steve and I could hardly contain our laughter.  Steve said, "where are you going" to which Caleb replied "work."  Oh really? Steve: "Where do you work?"  Caleb:  "nursery!"

Seriously, does it get any more fun than that?  AH!  We get good laughs like that at least once a day these days.....I'm sure all you parents of more than one child are rolling your eyes and smiling at our first child syndrome but we are enjoying it nonetheless.  I can not believe how much fun it is to start hearing what goes on in that head of his.  Love it.

Recently at HomePlus (the department type store that is best equated to a Target but not nearly as cool and way more expensive) we found a set of 100 wooden blocks on sale for about $10!  This is an incredible deal for a toy in Korea and we couldn't pass it up.  I'm so glad we snagged it because Caleb has already gotten hours of play out of it.  Seriously it is one of his favorite things to do right now.  The set also came with little wooden animal blocks so he builds "houses" for them.....a "monkey house" and an "elephant house" etc.  He also likes to load them up on a block and push them around going "choo choo."  Then he gets frustrated when they fall off.  Anyway, I love watching him enjoy it and all the new games he comes up with.

Another boy I know enjoys them as well....truth be told, mama does too.  As Caleb says "Fun toy!"

And apparently he's grown taller because he can now reach the bananas and help himself....he's also outgrown all his p'jamjams except this last adorable 2T!  Silly Monkey.

Steve has been busy as ever, and doing a great job.  He has really made some close connections with a number of the youth and as I write, he's having a guy night in our living room.  The group has grown significantly this past year and he also now has a small volunteer team.  My friend Gail comes over on Wednesday nights so I can go volunteer too, which has been really fun. I love seeing what he is doing and actually being more of a part of it.  I love seeing the students interact with him and the talks he gives.  I also have enjoyed getting to know the youth more.  It makes our reason for being here a lot mroe real to me and a lot more significant.  He recently put together a short "ad" for the youth group for an event on base...I thought it turned out pretty good (especially given that he uses a free app on his ipod to create it)!

I am so proud of him and all the work he has done and is doing.  It has been so cool to see him doing a job he seriously LOVES and a job that brings him life and joy, a job that he looks forward to going to each day and a job that he happily stays up late to work on.  It's great to be doing something you enjoy (and are good at).  Even though it has been really hard to move away from home and all of YOU dear family, friends and co-workers, I am seeing more and more how good this move was for us and the reason for us being here.

That's my summary update for now.....I'm heading out after this to make several side dishes/salads for a church luncheon tomorrow.  Sundays continue to be one of the hardest days of the week for me - it's tough getting myself and Caleb ready and out the door to church (especially now that the weather is rainy and cool and we have no car) and then typically after church Steve is busy most of the day.  So keep us in your prayers on your Saturday!  Love you all, thanks for your continued prayers, love, support and care.  Missing you.

Father/Son Moment

Because you can just never have enough of these: 

Check out Caleb's face - love love love his pure JOY expressions