Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Recent Reads

Right now I'm reading....

Adopted For Life  by Russell Moore


Dare To Discipline by James Dobson.

I am also reading lots and lots of blogs about adoption.
I'm trying to get a better up-close glimpse of what it looks like to adopt.
How it changes couples and families.
How siblings react.
The issues that need to be dealt with.
The emotions that come along with it.
The stories behind the adoptions.
The stories after the adoption.
The inspiration.
The beauty.
The need.


In Women's Sunday School we are going through Beth Moore's study on Esther.
I am really enjoying it, it is challenging me on so many levels.
Did you know Esther was adopted? Both her parents died when she was still young. 
That isn't the point of the study but timely, right?

I am a part of a group of moms who meet together twice a month and we are studying Bible Moms together.
Another good read.  And some great ladies.


That is what I'm reading this month....What are you reading?
What do you recommend?
What is challenging or inspiring or entertaining you this month?

Any great must-read adoption blogs that you love?
Please share!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Some "Top 10's" For the Fun of it

Top 10 Things I miss about the States:

10. Driving! Reading/Understanding Street signs! And knowing our way around!
9. Panera Bread. Ruby Tuesdays. Caribou. Eddingtons. Chipotle. Noodles Inc. Fasikas. Macaroni Grill.
8. Ability to buy any grocery item you want at any time. Stores that have inventory and keep things stocked! If you live in the States I guarantee you don't realize what a blessing this is or how good you have it (I didn't!)
7. Libraries!!!!!
6. Cleanliness:  Clean Streets, clean buildings, clean air.
5. Convenience - being able to get around and know where to buy things we want/need
4. Understanding what is going on!You so take it for granted when you live in the States. Laugh. Out. Loud.
3. Bethlehem Baptist Church, what a blessing to so many!
2. Our Friends, former Small Group, former Co-Workers and Community!!
1. Our Family!!!!! Our Family!!! Our Family!!!

Top 10 Things I love about Korea:

10. The crazy adventure of it all, no two days look the same and you never know where the bus might take you or who is knocking on the door....
9. The open air market
8. Taking a giant leap of faith and watching the Lord work and provide
7. Being stretched and grown in new ways, seeing maturity happen
6. An endless number of new experiences awaiting and adventures to be had
5. Asian culture, people, places, sights and scenery (the mountains!!!)
4. Walking almost everywhere, so many places we would have driven to in the States that can so easily be walked to....it's good for us and it's fun.
3. Our Church here, Songtan Central Baptist Church
2. Less pressure, life is simpler here.  I really love that.  America is stressful, ya'll!
1. Our Church family and friends, our new community.

Oh and I really like the food....it's grown on me for sure.  NOM.

A New Page!

I have been thinking about our health a lot lately.  It has been on my mind as we have been sick more than usual the past ten weeks!  We just can't seem to stay healthy for very long, despite doing all I can think of to eat nutritiously and boost the vitamin C and probiotics on a daily basis.  We are finally all three back in good health at the same time the past few days and I find myself tempted to hole up in our house and try not to see anyone so we don't catch any more germs!  That isn't a very practical plan so my next idea was to blog and ask all of you to be in prayer for us that we would stay healthy!


As I started doing that, I remembered something I meant to do a while back:  Create a page on our blog with specific prayer requests and ways you can be praying for us.  So tonight I added a page:  "Prayer Requests" along the top of this blog.  Check it out for some practical ways you can pray for us. I will try to update it semi-regularly or as new things come up.  We really appreciate your prayers and feel an increased need and urgency for them. Thank you for partnering with us through prayer!