Monday, September 27, 2010

Another blog for the blogosphere

Well, here I am blogging.  My husband, Steve, has been bugging me for months to start a blog and I have ardently (stubbornly?) refused.  There are hundreds of thousands of blogs ‘out there’ (I would protest) what do I have to say that hasn’t already been said ten times already (and more eloquently to boot!)?  Why add to the already over-expanded world of online communication and personal narrative?  I love reading other’s blogs and have never felt compelled to be anything other than a silent reader and observer….besides, I feel a little silly going “blah blah blah” about me, mine and ours—What would be the point? 

But, now that we are moving, I feel slightly more inclined to give it a try as a means of keeping in touch.  It feels (to me) like there is more of a point to it when we are thousands of miles away from so many friends and family that we care about and want to stay in touch with…it also feels practical—a lot easier to write one blog post than send out 35 different emails saying almost the same thing!  Besides that, maybe it will be fun? And maybe my writing skills will improve along the way (I did start out a writing major at Bethel and as my dear friend Emmie Joy would say, you can't become a better writer without writing) and it might allow my emotions to process life (public journal of sorts?) as we experience it.
I hope for this blog to be an encouragement.  I hope for it to be a fun way to communicate, to keep in touch, to bring you (my readers, friends, family) along with me on this great adventure of life.  I hope for it to share my heart.  I hope for it to point to Jesus Christ and His work in my life, as He changes me, molds me, and sanctifies me.  I hope for it to display the greatness of our God.
So, dear Reader, welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere.  I hope you will enjoy your stolen minutes away with me…I hope I can encourage you while you are here and keep you close to my heart (and my family) while we are away.  Keep checking back and please keep in touch!


  1. so powerful, thanks! And special thanks for Steve who prompted you to WRITE -- love seing/reading your heart.

  2. Sarah I am so glad you are blogging! and it is so fun to read and see pictures! I am looking forward to keeping up to day via the interwebs :) Love you so much sarita!

  3. I have been blessed, blessed, blessed, by your testimonies, the pictures, the demonstration of love you have for each other, your desire to serve overseasl, etc. etc., etc.
    Thank you for blessing me with this blog.

  4. Sarah, Looking forward to reading your blogs I'm a friend of your folks, your Grandma Hope, and Aunt Norma. (barb millar)