Friday, March 11, 2011

Soccer season

In Korea, the sports seasons are totally different than in the States.  For example, right now is soccer and volleyball season.   It just feels wrong to me to have soccer in March but maybe that's just me.  It has been warming up here though and I'm told the next few weeks should bring spring....This weekend is supposed to be in the 60s!  Don't hate me Upper MidWesterners, just come visit me in Korea and you can have 60s and sun in March too.

Wednesday we went to ICS (one of the schools in the area that I've posted about before) to support the team and cheer them on....Steve is trying hard to connect with the youth at the school and has been doing a lot over that way these past weeks. 

Today was a school holiday for another one of the schools (on base) so Steve spent almost the entire day hanging out with students.  He went to several other soccer games, went out to lunch with a few, went out to dinner with a few and had some good conversations.  He got home, helped give Caleb a bath and put him to bed and then ran out the door to go teach English this evening.  He is one busy guy these days!  I'm glad he had a good time connecting and spending time with the youth today but I'll be glad when he gets home at 8:30 tonight and I can actually see him! 

Tomorrow he gives his testimony at a men's breakfast and then in the evening we are having all the youth over to our house for a big dinner and game night (we do this at least once a month).  Two of the girls from the youth group are going to come over and bake with me in the morning and I'm excited to get some time  around them as well.

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