Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fare-well, Friends!

We said two hard good byes this past weekend.

The first, to James and Betsy - Steve and Jamie "grew up" together in Campus Outreach in college, they've been good buddies for a long time.  Betsy and I knew who each other were but got close once we were married.  Funny story - James and Bets tried to "recruit" us to come with them to Korea when they decided to move over here (to teach English) almost 2 years ago!  We actually somewhat considered it at the time but we were newly pregnant and thought Korea was way too crazy a move for us....little did we know!

We absolutely love this sweet couple and are always so encouraged by them whenever we have the chance to hang out.  They are wise beyond their years, and always great at pushing us in our faith and pushing us closer to the Lord.  Korea will miss them but we're excited for them as they take this next step of faith in moving back Stateside.

Han River, Seoul Korea

Being boys Men

C loves riding the bus

On the 2 hour bus ride to say goodbye to James/Bets
loved this

And we also had to say good bye to Will, Elisa and Eric....

Elisa has been my go-to adventure buddy,  good friend, healthy eating advisor extraordinaire, been-a-mom-longer-and-full-of-wisdom-and-good-advice giver, a Godly example, and just one of those friends you can be comfortable around, enjoy, and are blessed during every interaction.

Eric, her son, and Caleb really hit it off (Eric is a year older but a total big-brother sweetheart) and so the two boys learned a lot about "sharing" together, and enjoyed running around, riding "bikes," taking long car rides together, cooking  in their toy kitchens, reading and playing cars.

Dear Friends - you will be missed and always loved from Korea! 
Take Care, God Bless and you will be in our prayers!

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  1. Good Byes are hard! I'm sorry. Those two little boys are so cute together! Caleb is so cute pointing out the bus window! Love the picture where Caleb is playing the guitar.