Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Precious moments

By way of update, we have hit the ground running so to speak here in Korea.  As I think I've said before, Steve keeps reassuring me that "things will slow down" but it has been my experience that he has been saying that for almost 10 months now.....Yes, there have been some weeks that have been quieter than others but for the most part, Korea = Busy!  It's been fine though. 

Steve has been really busy with his final paper and exam for his RTS class, I've started my coursework through Childbirth International and have been enjoying it, Caleb has reached a new stage of wanting to do EVERYTHING on his own, with no help and wanting to do EVERYTHING period.  It's been exhausting.  Also a new level of testing boundaries and needing to be reminded....a lot. 

We survived completed a week of VBS which was fun but also very time consuming in the evenings and busy, with Caleb getting to bed altogether way too late every night.  Steve went on a camping excursion/good bye time for one of the youth we have really come to love (sad to see them leave) and we have continued our Battle Against The Mold.

If you think of us, please keep that health issue in your prayers.  We are looking into purchasing a dehumidifyer and air conditioner since we just can't keep it from multiplying with our other remedies but that is an expensive purchase so we are shopping around.  Anyway, mostly frustrating and gross more than anything else.

I think that is most of our update for now.....the next few weeks will be busy with some end of summer big activities with the youth, an all church retreat (not exactly kid-friendly so we'll see how that goes), and gearing up for a big school/fall kickoff with the youth. 

We miss you all and continue to treasure our time in the states - what fun memories were made!  Caleb continues to talk about everyone he met and the various things he did.....It's really fun to hear his various responses when people ask him about what he did and to hear the things that stick out in his little mind.  It is crazy how he can remember so well already - the human mind is so incredible.  He also frequently asks to call his oma and opa or grandma and grandpa or aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.  I think it is safe to say, you are all missed and loved dearly.

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  1. Pictures are adorable!!! Melts my heart. Is there someway to help you financially? Where can money be sent?