Friday, January 20, 2012

Adoption Thoughts

We've had a lot of questions about what we thought of our Hope for Orphans Adoption conference we went to in Seoul this past November and what we are thinking about adoption.  It is still on our minds and in our prayers a lot - please keep us in your prayers as we think of this option and explore the possibilities!  We continue to love the idea of adopting and feel very open to what the Lord might be doing through that.  We loved the conference (if you ever have a chance to check out Hope for Orphans, I'd recommend it!) and we are doing research right now.

 It seems from what we have heard and read we are eligible for adopting from 3 countries - Madagascar, Bulgaria and Ethiopia (many countries, sadly, have very strict rules for eligibility. For example, you must make over "x" amount of dollars or you must be infertile or you may not have any other children or you must be within a certain age range etc).  We have been corresponding with some agencies and just seeing what our options are, as we continue to seek the Lord.  One agency that we are really interested in is Small World Adoption.   If you or someone you know has ever heard of this agency or worked with them, we are looking for reviews!  They seem like a great agency at face value and they specialize in expat adoptions, which is one of our main concerns in looking for an agency (since that can be a big issue if they are not familiar with the additional requirements that brings).  Anyway, all that to say - Please continue to pray for us and ask the Lord to direct and guide our steps and make it clear if this is what he has for our family and if so, when.

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