Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our neighborhood

I am shamelessly stealing this picture from my husband's blog.  I have a quirky love for google earth and have at various times, enjoyed looking places up on it.  When we first decided to move to Songtan, we looked it up on google earth.  It's a pretty cool tool, if you ask me.  Maybe you don't share my fascination (or maybe you do?) but either way, perhaps you'll enjoy a visual of where our apartments are located and what our "home" looks like from satellite.

The McDonald's, sadly, is an easily identifiable landmark that most people around here know.  The main road that the yellow line follows is highway 1 (or Little One).  If you were to cross over Little One (instead of turning left from the McDonald's and you were to walk further down that road, you would hit a street of shops including Pizza school, Steve's glasses store, the 5500 meat restaurant that is one of our favorite (cheap) places to eat Korean, Bom clinic, Tom N Toms & Paris Baguette, among other things.  If you've been around this blog for long you may remember me writing about some of them.

The wooded area to the left of our picture is a small wooded hill area with walking path and workout equipment.  We walk along that road often, as it is our route to Church.

Across from our apartment complex, is an elementary school.

Most of the rows of buildings you see along either side of Little One are apartment buildings.  The picture cuts off but our apartment is one of about 12 buildings in our complex.  On the other side of One, you see more rows of apartment buildings.

There you have a little about our neighborhood! Feel free to stop over for a visit anytime, we'd love to have you!!


  1. I'm very impressed with this picture. They really don't waste any space at all do they?! Like wow... Thanks for sharing! I always enjoy reading something that is historical too along the way. Love you! Love, hugs and continued prayers, your aunt in SD! :o)

  2. way cool, so impressed! Can't wait to walk the route with you guys!