Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Missin' Dad

We heard from Steve, he made it safely and is doing well.  He has really enjoyed his trip so far and says the part of China they are hiking and traveling is beautiful (he says he is bringing us with next trip!) and he is enjoying the other guys on the trip a lot too. Things are going well so far and they are having a great time.

We are missing daddy a lot - this trip has been harder than India.  Caleb cries for him frequently and doesn't understand the concept of "7 more days" very well. The time seems to be going slowly but we've had some great offers to hang out with friends this week.  I have a birth that I will be supporting tomorrow and Caleb will stay over with Michelle, which he is really looking forward to.  He has been a little under the weather so we've been trying to pump the vitamin C in every form we can and drink plenty of fluids.  I'm trying to as well so I don't get anything from him!

We can't wait to have our daddy home but it was good to hear from him and know he is having a good time.

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  1. Makes my heart aches right along with Caleb & you... Praying the time will go fast to help missing daddy so much. I can certainly understand. Praying you're both not coming down with anything. Hopefully it is just a case of the "blues I miss you daddy and hubby." :o) Love, Hugs & Continued Prayers, Your aunt in SD