Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our little "Miracle Baby"

Evelyn Grace turned 1 month old this week (I can't wait to post pics soon of her beautiful baby shower that several good friends threw to celebrate her life)!  We are overwhelmed with gratitude as we snuggle, kiss, hold or see her little chest moving up and down. 

1 Month old!
We have had several  follow up doctor appointments since leaving the hospital and so far, she continues to amaze the doctors and seems to be healthy and doing well.  We praise God.

Her chest xrays keep coming back clear, her breathing is strong, her heart is good, her blood work is normal.  She tested negative on all the genetic testing we got back, outruling any genetic or chromosomal abnormalities as being the "cause" of the Hydrops. She tested negative for GBS and negative for any viruses.  It doesn't appear at this time that she has any long term condition or effects from this condition.  We will continue to monitor her at home and she will go in for monthly follow up doctor visits in the upcoming months to continue to check her and monitoring her.  We won't know until she begins to develop if there are any ramifications from the lack of oxygen or treatment of the Hydrops but the doctor doesn't seem to think that will be an issue (although he says we should watch for signs of it) and she gives no indications at the moment of anything.  She continues to struggle with nursing, some days being better and then other days being worse again.  She is growing though (and is fitting her newborn clothes a littel better!) so that is great news and we continue patiently (or sometimes not so patiently) plugging away at it.  Thank you to those praying for this specifically, please continue!

We are adjusting well to being a family of 4....Caleb ignores her for the most part, worries about her if she cries, asks about her whereabouts if he doesn't see her in my arms, wants her to sleep in his bed and be his teddy bear, and several times a day will run over to us and shower her with kisses and "I love you Baby Sister!!!"  He doesn't seem to be very jealous or affected by the change.  His life of imagination and energy just keeps on going!  I'm continuing to heal from surgery and find a ryhthm of life and ministry with two kiddos.  I'm enjoying this newborn stage much  more the second time around, and soaking it up knowing it doesn't last very long!  She is an excellent sleeper (unlike her brother!) and sleeps through the night most nights, takes long 3 hour naps throughout the day and seems generally content for the most part.  She has started to "wake up" a little more now that she is "full term" and we've heard some sweet little cries that are just way too precious and enjoy seeing her eyes during her quiet alert state.  We are totally in love and so happy to be home, as a family, all together.  Thank you again for your many many prayers and continued prayers and love through this time.  We feel very blessed.


  1. Love the picture of Steve reading to them!

  2. aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh finally! What a wonderful report; I just want to hug and kiss her, we are so so so happy.

  3. Soooooo happy to get an update! (no guilts allowed - you're a mom of two beautiful children whom God created and gave you!) To God, I give all the glory for Evelyn's marvelous progress she is making in her lil' life! Praising God with you. I love the pictures! Much continued love, hugs and prayers, aunt norma

  4. Thanks so much for taking time to update us! Praying for you all!