Sunday, October 6, 2013

T shirts for sale!

We are excited to announce the next phase in our adoption fund raising. Steve designed this T-shirt and we are selling it to benefit our adoption. A percentage of each T-shirt will be sent directly to Small World Adoption Agency, on our behalf, and that percentage goes up as we sell more T-Shirts. If we reach our goal, we will make almost 60% of the profits. Thank you for considering our fundraiser and if you would like, please feel free to share on your own blog, facebook page, twitter account etc. We really appreciate your I write, we have 22 days to sell 220 more shirts.

Curious? Interested?  You can check out our design and our fundraising page by clicking HERE.

This is what Steve wrote about our shirts:

Design Details

The design is meant to show the importance of Child adoption to our family while also reminding anyone who is in Christ of their Heavenly adoption.

The verses placed under the heart beat are there to remind us that the HEARTBEAT of every Christian is our adoption as into God's family. This adoption was so impactful that God says our HEARTS have been changed to call out to God as father. "Abba! Father!"

The words "This Family's Heartbeat" are very dear to us. Our families HEARTBEAT has always been the place we have as sons of God, and more recently our HEARTS have been molded to what we see in scripture as at the very HEART of God; caring for orphans.

So Child Adoption has become a new part of our families HEARTBEAT! Please help us in our pursuit of our child by purchasing one of these T-Shirts!

        Then once you have purchased yours,
                   spread the word for us!



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  1. Awesome t-shirt!! Very creative. I love it. Praying for the fundings! Much continued love, hugs & prayers, A. nj