Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We're Moving

We found out last week that we are moving...or rather, we are being moved.  Not by choice and the news came with much tears from this over-emotional-pregnant-with-a-girl mama.  The Landlord who owns our current apartment has decided to sell our apartment so we really have no choice in the matter.  We have lived in this apartment for almost two years (in a few weeks) and we have really liked it. There were a number of things that were really hard moving over here and a number of things that were not as we expected them to be but again and again the past two years we have said "at least we like our apartment!"  Despite things like our purple toilet and the mold and the goofy wallpaper, we have been thrilled to have a bathtub (many apartments here don't), to have an open layout that is conducive to all the people we host in our home and an over-active two year old (most apartments are not very open) , to have three bedrooms, to have a lot of porch space, a kitchen that is nicer than many Korean apartments with lots of cupboards, an oven (not all apartments have one) and a lot of sunshine throughout the day.  We've been spoiled. And our apartment has come to be home to us.

I know in the big scheme of things, a new apartment really isn't a big deal (hey- we have a place to live, right?) but this has felt hard and I am praying the Lord gives me the ability to fully trust Him in this and trust that He will provide and care for us. Will you pray for my heart to trust Him in this?  It is incredibly hard to have no/little say over where you live and where "home" will be.  Will you pray the Church is able to find us a comparable apartment? Will you pray that I can accept wherever we are moved with a good attitude and that we can settle in quickly? Will you pray for all the logistics and timing and for peace in moving (I get really overwhelmed by moving and all it entails). 

The move also comes at a hard time - we are supposed to leave to travel to the States in a little over a month to spend 5 weeks with family. We will return a little over a month from our due date.  It's hard to think about needing to move our whole apartment and get settled into a new one somewhere in that time frame.  The Church does not have a new place for us yet (they are looking) so the ideal (in our minds) I guess would be to find a place and move in the next few weeks - I would really rather not be moved while we are gone OR come home in January and need to move in the coldest month of the year, weeks before bringing a new baby home and needing to arrange everything, unpack and settle in.  And I really, really, don't want to move in February or March!

Your prayers would mean so much in this and are greatly needed!  We are all called to trust the Lord with an uncertain future but sometimes living overseas you realize just how uncertain (and uncontrollable) it is more than you  might Stateside!


  1. I'll do you one better- we will pray for a BETTER apartment. =)

  2. Oh Sarah, what a difficult situation. I have been there (being moved from our apartment...but I was not pregnant, nor did we have a kid yet!). I will pray that God will give you guys a new, and a BETTER apartment. I was so angry about being forced to move a day after we got back from our holiday, but then when we were shown our new place, I had to just laugh, because it was so much better. May God give you the grace and peace to just surrender and trust that He has it planned out, and that you will be able to move soon! Thankfully Korea has fantastic movers, who pack everything up for you, move it, and then unpack it again for you. Takes a lot of stress out of moving.

  3. oh no!! We are praying for God's perfect timing with the move and for you as you deal with whatever the new living situation is. So wish there was something we could do to help. :(

  4. So sorry to hear the news of having to relocate to a new home... Such poor timings and all but perhaps in God's eyes, it will be perfect timing. :o) Perhaps God has something better planned for you and your growing family. I'm praying my heart out for each of you. Praying you can let go and let God. Hang in there dear niece of mine and all! Love, Hugs & Continued Prayers. Your aunt in SD

  5. Wow what a change! I'll be praying for the transition of moving but mostly for your hearts, what a hard thing to do while pregnant! But I know our God, He has a plan that will be better than it looks right now. Keeping you lifted up to the great big heart of our Father, love you all! -Ang