Friday, March 1, 2013

Caleb Turned 3!

Hard to believe this was Caleb's 3rd birthday IN KOREA....we've been here a while now!

My whole pregnancy I pictured being huge pregnant at Caleb's 3rd birthday party - Evelyn Grace was due the day after his birthday and seeing as I was over 2 weeks "overdue" with Caleb, I just planned for a long pregnancy.  As it was, Evelyn Grace was almost a month old on Caleb's third birthday.  Because of everything, we were a little late to plan Caleb's party so we just made it special as a family on his actual birthday and planned his party later in February.  I won't go into detail but thought I would share some pictures from his special days.

Birthday Morning Balloon Wake-Up

Family party
We watched Disney's Cars in our PJ's, Mom fell asleep
Pictures from the Lightening McQueen "party with all my friends":
Coloring their "wheels"

Sadie helping Elisha pin the wheel on Lightening McQueen
Caleb and Sadie not cooperating for a smile...Steve's Lightening
Can I just stop and say Steve's big Lightening McQueen really impressed me!
Super fun Daddy.

Baby Graham!
Balloon Room

Graham and Evelyn Grace hanging out on matchy blankets
Lightening McQueen "3" Cake

Goofs wouldn't smile!!

Elisha, Sadie, Caleb
E! Cake!
How did 3 years go by already?!? Birthday Boy!

Caleb, at 3 years old you have definitely become your own little person -- a boy beginning your long journey towards manhood.  You have a very strong personality, you are a natural leader, you like to set the pace and you are FULL of ENDLESS energy and ideas. You like to run best.  You have only one volume: LOUDER. You like to tell jokes and are developing a sense of humor, you like to tease your mama. You have nicknamed me "Mompa." You still love to read and will never tire of book after book. You've started to enjoy looooonnng books, books with few to no pictures, chapters of the "real Bible" at a time and you listen intently, asking and answering questions. You ask regularly about when you can go to school, you have an incredible vocabulary for a 3 year old and a huge memory, often quoting your books, songs, verses or movies. You love Sunday School.  You continue to enjoy music. Your dad introduced you to Christian rap and you love it (of course, because Dad does!)...You adore your daddy and mimic even the smallest ways he does things. You claim your favorite rapper is: "I like all the rappers...KB, Lacrae, Tadashii, Trip Lee, Sho Baraka, Andy know all of them! And my favorite song is Man Up."  You love to play pretend, often assuming the personality of a particular character for days at a time, never missing a beat. Your imagination knows no limits.  It's incredible how you can wake up and remember immediately who you are pretending to be.  Whinnie the Pooh, Lightening McQueen, Thomas and Joshua from the Bible are your favorites. Your best bud is Sadie Sortore and you have a very special attachment to your 4 cousins Audrey, Luke, Natalie and Andrew.

Happy 3rd Birthday to my first born son - You are energetic, full of life, loud, happy, dramatic, joyful, challenging, creative, imaginative, questioning, fun-loving, take-charge, active, funny and so much changed our lives and we are so thankful the Lord gave you life 3 years ago tonight! We are truly blessed.


  1. Thanks for the B-day pics. Caleb is such a great little guy. I was glad to see him having so much fun. Tell him Opa says "Hi!"

  2. Wow! What a blast Caleb had on his birthday! That was a very creative & clever idea you did with the balloons to greet him when he woke up! So fun! Happy Birthday 3 year old birthday boy! Caleb really is ALOT of fun & I truly enjoyed my short visit with him when he and his mommy were at Gramma Hope's in December of 2012. He is a blessing to me & I love him to pieces! I love you ALL to pieces! With love, hugs and prayers, A. norma

  3. This was a very special after-the-event report and blessed our socks off! What a fun time -- the cake was sweet! Steve's car on the wall was awesome, i loved the making the wheels idea for preschoolers. Fun day! THanks for sharing!

  4. Happy Birthday Caleb!! Wowee Sarah, you have a 3 year old!! Love the party and balloon wake up door is so special, and did Steve free-hand draw that car? Way impressed friend! Continuing to pray for you all, keep the updates and sweet photos coming :-)