Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer Beach Camp

One of the really big events we did this summer with the students was "Summer Beach Camp."  It was the first time Steve has put on a camp by himself and we had a total blast.  We went several hours West to a beautiful camping resort complete with cabins and full kitchens that was literally across from the beach. The cabins were in the woods and you walk out to the ocean, doesn't get much better than that!

We ended up taking 27 people total (Caleb and Evelyn Grace too!).  Sun Cha and I were the "Camp Cooks" and "Camp Mommys" (my first time cooking for a group that big!).  We all had a great time and some really good conversations were had and relationships built. The Gospel was taught over and over and it is our prayer that lives were impacted from this time away.  We've seen a big uptick in youth group participation and excitement since the camp as well, which has been great to see.

An added thing that we really enjoyed about this camp was we had 3 returning students who had previously graduated from our  program who came along as volunteers.  It was *so neat* to see what the Lord has continued to do in their lives since they left for college and the growth and maturity that has occurred.  It was an added sweet time for Steve, as he was able to disciple them on how to disciple the younger students. He really enjoys this type of mentorship a lot and it was neat for him.  They were also able to give their testimonies, which was one of the most impactful times at camp for many of the younger students.  We love you Matt, Mina and Andrew!!


Camp Cooks

sleepy walks on the beach

bunk bed!


  1. Looks like a fabulous time of great fellowship was had by all. What an awesome inspiration you two are! And oh me oh my, the pretty & very brave gal holding a big spider?! eewww ICK! :o) God bless you & Steve both for such awesome ministries you are both doing & giving of yourselves to Jesus. To God we give all the glory! I love you! Much love, hugs and continued prayers, aunt nj