Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A little bit of recently....

Planking and drooling, that's some talent!
Figured out his name, by himself, without us prompting or showing
Some last days with two teeth...top ones are swollen and ready to drop any day.
Caleb's best bud Sadie and younger brother Tristan, BBQ on our roof
Starting some solids...so far, sweet potatoes and bananas are her favorite.
Enjoying Daddy time
Crawling everywhere, gaining speed.
We hosted and made pizza for 10 adults and 8 (young!) kids...It was a lot of fun and a lot of food. These were our 7 pizzas waiting for toppings and baking.  And this is my kitchen and computer station, smile. Now you can picture me blogging! And cooking dinner....
P.S. Don't ever let me hear you say your home is too small to host people or large groups at...we live in an apartment and we regularly have large groups over....It isn't about having "a big house," people.
Steve reading to Littles.
First pair of jeans.
Baby jeans are just so cute!!
Sleeping beauty baby!
This is not a regular scene in our home these days, the past 6-8 weeks have been pretty miserable in the sleep and nap department...a great prayer request!
Babysitting for friends, no sleep over is complete without games we were told!
Or bedtime stories...and grumpy looks, apparently.
I have never met someone with a bigger imagination....And he's always got a plan and a story.
Check out that ladle!
He "reads" to her (aka recites the books he has memorized)!
My heart melts!
Sibling love.
 Entertaining Sissy!
"Protecting" himself from Sissy...
She's thinking, "hmmm...how can I get past this one...!?"
His suit from Auntie Renee's wedding is his favorite thing to wear...so he "can be just like Daddy." Not sure what we'll do when he outgrows it....My handsome men of the house.
And our little lady.
Keeps me laughing!
Korean American Friendship Festival 2013
I got out for an all-day adventure in Seoul with some dear girl friends.  It was great to "get away", go shopping, enjoy some nummy food (we tried Kimchi fries!! I'll take you if you come visit me!), go shopping and enjoy good company.  It was a gorgeous fall day and a refreshing, fun time "away."
You only have 13 days left to buy one of these limited edition tshirts and help us fund our adoption!
We have sold 52 shirts and have 198 to go to reach our goal.
There are a few pictures from our recently...What have you been up to?


  1. Awesome pictures! Awesome growing children!! I love how happy they are as I can see soooo MUCH love & joy in each of them. Jesus is shining in them! (and you!) Thanks for sharing! I love you & miss you all greatly... My prayers are on going and will pray more for sleep for them and for you. God's blessings! Sent with continued love, hugs and prayers, A. nj

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