Monday, January 14, 2013

Got to see my Baby!!

I got to see my baby today.  What a huge and special blessing.  I just couldn't stand it any longer.  Steve drove us all up there for the 1-2pm appointment;  I didn't care that I had to do the 4 flights of stairs all over again (down and up) was totally worth it.  I just miss her so much.

She is perfect and my heart melted into a giant puddle all over again the moment I saw her.  She looks really good!  She is even tinier today - weighing in at 6.4 pounds on day 6 and is starting to look more "preemie."

Her ventilator was gone!!!  SHE IS BREATHING ON HER OWN!  What a huge answer to prayer!  They have her on oxygen through her nose but she is doing the actual breathing part herself, without the use of the machine.  This means she has less tubes too!! I could see more of her face and one of her hands and one of her feet was completely FREE.

 She was moving around a little more too, I caught a few leg stretches (she's got skinny little chicken legs now) and she moved her hands around some too. I got to adore her sweet little foot and all 5 precious toes since it was free. I just held it and held it.


The doctor was pleased that she was breathing; a big milestone for her.  Unfortunately though her fluid has not continued to decrease at this point and actually went up slightly.  This was a disappointment to them but they are hoping over the next few days maybe it will diminish further.  This would be a prayer request - less and less fluid each day!  They can't move forward with trying to give her breastmilk until this fluid greatly diminishes...they can't confirm or reject their hypothesis about Chylothorax until they can feed her.

Her swelling continues to reduce which is a good thing.  She continues to have great urine output, another good good sign (better get some good heavy-wetter cloth diapers ready and find my bamboo inserts!).

The doctor mentioned that one really important thing at this point is to pray that no infections set in.  Evelyn Grace is full of tubes and holes which greatly increases her risk of infection.  Every time they need to change out a tube or move it or any time they are putting holes in her etc there is chance of infection setting in.  This could be devestating to her.  We need to pray protection over her that she would remain infection-free and all the things they are doing will stay clean, sterile and not bring infections.  Please be in prayer for her health in this way.

I told the doctor we are praying for her a lot and that many people are praying and the doctor looked at me and told me we need to pray for THEM.  They need wisdom on how to treat her and for her case.  Will you also be in prayer for her doctors?  Her main doctor is Dr. Kim (he is a kind, gentle, older man that has been extremely sweet to us).  Her secondary doctor is Dr. Choi (we don't see him as much and he doesn't talk quite as much...he is younger and also very nice).  There is a third doctor that is the "on call doctor" and I'm not sure what her name is but that is who I talked to today and she speaks the best English and is also very kind.  She is the head doctor for the other Hydrops baby in the NICU unit so she knows a lot about Hydrops as well.  The other Hydrops baby has Chylothorax (which is what they suspect Evelyn Grace might have).  Please be in prayer for this team of doctors and also the nurses who come in contact with Evelyn Grace.  Please pray they have wisdom, that they think of everything that is relevent for her case, that they stay healthy and keep her healthy and for understanding.  I know the Lord already knows her diagnosis and I pray He grants wisdom to those who are caring for her in the NICU.

I'm not sure if I'm happier that I got to see her today or that she is off her ventilator...? But either way, what a happy day!  Thank you Lord for some wonderful blessings today and everyone who continues to pray for us, encourage us and care for us.


  1. What a huge blessing this is!! Praising God with you! Thank You Lord for the doctors and team who are caring for this sweet lil' Evelyn Grace. Thank You Lord too, that Sarah felt up to seeing her! Praise God from whom all blessings flow...
    My prayers are pressing on! Love you all!
    a. norma

  2. This is wonderful!!! Tears of great joy flowing freely far away but with you in spirit! Thank you!

  3. We are so excited to hear the good news of progress for Evelyn and will continue to pray for her to get all those tubes out - sooner than later :) We are so glad you had time to spend with her and enjoy the beauty of your little girl! Thanks for the updates - Love you all!!