Monday, June 20, 2011

To say I'm behind on blogging would be a huge understatement, I still have things that happened (and pictures that were taken) over a month ago that have not been blogged about....I missed our anniversary, I missed several big events, I missed cute little Caleb-isms and now I'm tired and would really rather go to bed than play blog catch up....hopefully one of these days I can catch up (since I am hoping to turn this blog into a scrapbook by the end of the year). 

If you want some "bonus material"  you can check out my friend Gail's blog....she's posted here about a recipe exchange we did with the women's ministry at church and she posted here with some pictures of Caleb and Isaac (they are pretty much best buds, Caleb loves Isaac).  Her blog in general is really fun to read and would give you another perspective on Korea.  Her and her husband (Jason) are some of our really good friends here and they work with an International Christian School (ICS) that I've posted about before.

Also, if you "like" Songtan Central Baptist Church on Facebook (that's our church that Steve works for), they have photo albums with some pictures of us (and some of the youth as well).

For tonight, I'll leave you with two recent pictures that are special to me:

On our anniversary - we went hiking during the day and then out for fancy dinner that night.
Have I mentioned that this boy is absolutely precious to me?!?
On an update front - It is looking like Caleb and I will try to fly out of Korea (Lord willing) on standby Wednesday evening this week.  Crazy, I know!  So keep us in your prayers AND put us on your calendar - WE WANT TO SEE YOU!  That's why we're coming, after all.  We are planning to be Stateside until the end of July (about 5 weeks).

It's funny because I have been dreaming about and looking forward to coming "home" to the States since about November 19 of last year....and now, in the face of it actually happening, I'm feeling really nervous about it!  I'm feeling sad to be leaving Steve, unsure of traveling alone with Caleb for the first time, wondering how he'll do adjusting (he has afterall lived in Korea as long as he lived in the States at this point!), wondering how it will be for him to be away from Steve for so long, wondering how it will feel to be back in the States, nervous for reverse culture shock, etc etc etc.


  1. Love the rose wall picture! You guys are so cute! Such a sweet family!!!!

    Caleb has got to be one of the cutest little boys I know. LOVE HIS OUTFIT!!!!!

  2. p.s. I checked out the "bonus material" and will "like" Songtan Central Baptist Church!