Thursday, June 2, 2011

We made Korean news!

Not really. 
But kind of. 

 Really, what it was is that we were at the "grand opening"  of the International Center in Pyeongteak (because our church has been asked to be heavily involved in running it) and the U.S. Ambassador to Korea came so it was a big deal and made the news.  We happen to be in the check out the link below for some never-before-seen-in-America footage! 

Funny story, after the meeting Ambassador Kathleen Stephens stopped to say hi to several people (including Caleb!).  She said hi and asked what his name was....he lifted his (empty) cup to her and said "wa wa!"  He'll never live it down.

*  For the link to work (after you click on it) you will have to "allow" it (check the bottom of your screen or the top for a message telling you to "allow") or else it won't work.

* The ambassador stopped as a point along her bike route through South Korea, so she actually biked there and that is why she is dressed down so much

*  You can see Caleb and I after the beginning remarks in the background of the clip (behind her and to the left), shortly after you can see Pastor Nelson (standing) in a suit and Michelle sitting down next to him and then at the very end there is a big group of people posing for a picture and as it scans out we are on the right hand side

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