Sunday, July 10, 2011

India - Bound

As most of you know by now Caleb and I have been Stateside for almost 4 weeks.  It is hard to believe it's been that long - it has absolutely flown by.  I think just about every day has been packed with things to do and we've been hard put to try to find times for Caleb to squeeze naps in and try to get to bed on time.  I think Caleb has at least met one new-to-him person almost every day and many days found himself sleeping in his borrowed pack n play in yet another new location.  He has done wonderfully though and I have so enjoyed watching him learn and discover and try new things.  He has been soaking it all in and spouting it out his mouth in the form of lots of new vocabulary and many new names!  I just can not get over how wonderfully he has been doing - he's been obeying and listening, he has been thriving on everyoe's love and attention, and he has even done a great job in his carseat (spending many an afternoon driving, including a 5 hour non-stop drive to Grandma's).  It's been so sweet to watch him interact with all his family and enjoy them so much....It will be hard to leave.  I love watching my siblings excel at their new roles of auntie and uncle, I love watching my parents (and Steve's) be grandparents, watch our grandma's be proud greats, watch Caleb's cousins love him to pieces etc etc etc.  It's going to be hard to leave!

Lots of carseat time - poor guy!

C watching his daddy - we sure miss you hunnie!

C Loving the country and running all over outside in the grass!
Caleb and his Uncle Micah

Meanwhile, Steve has been back in SOKO working hard.  He has been continuing his normal jobs, he has been able to ramp up his time one-on-one meeting with students, he has plowed through his Seminary course The Gospels (recently finishing his midterm - awaiting the results!), teaching English, mold-proofing our house for me, and getting ready to head to India next week on a mission's trip.  He will be spending one week in Bangalore, India (he is leaving in a few hours!!) - there they will be working at an orphanage, distributing much-needed supplies like children's vitamins (and soccer balls), and speaking at a Pastor's conference.  Steve will be giving several talks in a series on the Names of Jesus.  Please keep his talks in your prayers and also keep the whole team in your prayers for safety and for an effective time in India.  Pray they will be a blessing and not a burden, that they will have sensitivity and share the word of the Lord. 

I will leave you with a quote from Steve that he shared with the church this morning :  "I am excited to partner with pastor Enosh. I love his vision for raising up men to preach the Gospel in India and I'm excited to touch those who are considered "untouchable" because I know that God has reached out and touched us when we were untouchable."

After flying back from India, Steve hopes to leave the next day to fly HERE! Caleb and I are getting so excited to see him again!  He plans to be here a week and then we will all fly back to Korea together.  We are planning an informal open house get together at Steve's parents house on Saturday, July 23 from 11am-8pm so PLEASE COME OUT if you can! We would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see as many people as we can.


  1. Wonderful post filled with great news as to how everyone is doing and of course the wonderful pictures! Blessings!!!!!

  2. Caleb and Isaac are having pretty much the same experiences with meeting people and sleeping in pack n play! They will have lots to talk about when they get back :)
    It is SO sweet to see my brother with Iz. I love it!