Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2 Interesting Articles

I recently read two interesting articles about Korea and I thought I'd share them with anyone interested in learning a little more about our new home.  

You can read about the "Top Ten Misconceptions about South Korea" here.  I found number 4 about the ajumma's particularly humorous.  It is so true.

You can read about Ed Stetzer's Call to Prayer here .  Please keep Korea in your prayers.  It is a pivotal time in the history of Korea right now.  We are living in a historical moment in Korea and we pray for peaceful and God honoring change.  We are also praying for safety at this time.  No one seems overly concerned but it is just the great unknown as to what will happen right now, so everyone is on alert.  We would appreciate your prayers.

Enjoy the articles!  I hope it brings Korea to life for you a little bit more.

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  1. I just read your updates over the weekend I think it was & then I read the above articles you mentioned just last night. It was all so very interesting. Some of the information I did know & the rest I didn't & found it to be very interesting which I know... I already said but anyway... It gives me better perspectives on things & more things to pray about. So I will definitely be praying even more every day. I love how God created this world, different people, cultures, language, etc. Life is good & our God is an awesome God! Thank you for sharing & for reminding us that we do have different worlds & we need to remember those who are in another world as we aren't the only one who needs prayers. :o) God bless YOU THREE for what you are doing in Korea. I love you! Your aunt in SD