Friday, January 13, 2012

6 Months "Late"

I was thrilled to wake up this morning and find that Steve finished the picture montage/video of our trip home this past summer. As soon as we arrived back to Korea after our trip, I wanted to post a picture slideshow on the blog of our time back home (if you remember, I didn't do a lot of blogging about it because I was WITH you all so I didn't feel the need to UPDATE you). It just blows my mind how quickly 6 months can slip by - here we are mid January, already 6 months after returning to Korea from our vacation in the States! We must be having fun, right? With time going so fast and all.

Needless to say, watching this brought me to tears. What a wonderful vacation we had this summer seeing so many of you. How blessed we are to have each of you as a part of our lives, as a support while we live and work in cross cultural, overseas missions and as we raise our family.

Sadly, we did not capture everything we did on camera so there are some very special people and very special things we did that are not included on this clip - Steve mostly kept the pics to family and the party we hosted for people to come see us, so don't feel bad if you aren't pictured. The time was still special and YOU are special to us.


  1. Wow, THANK YOU Steve for doing this, I cried too! Makes me MISS you guys SO MUCH!! Caleb has grown up so much since six months ago. I hope having these preserves his memories for years to come, THANK YOU for sending them to us while you were in India, what a gift! Glad you could join in and what an answer to all our prayers it was for you to be back together as a family here for a very special time, we are glad! We thank God for you, for safe travel, for spreading joy and for your ministry in Korea! May God bless you as He has used you to bless so many here and there! Thank YOU!!

  2. Tears of joy was rolling down as I watched this awe-some clipping. There is sooo MUCH JOY in this little boy Caleb I just so love to see! It was fun to see him interact with his cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc. oh & even the animals! :o) So precious are these memories and they will forever remain in all of our hearts. Especially mine because you are all so special & dear to me. Thank you so much for sharing this. It was worth the 6 months wait! Thank you sooo MUCH! I love you! Aunt nj in SD