Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Recent Reads

Right now I'm reading....

Adopted For Life  by Russell Moore


Dare To Discipline by James Dobson.

I am also reading lots and lots of blogs about adoption.
I'm trying to get a better up-close glimpse of what it looks like to adopt.
How it changes couples and families.
How siblings react.
The issues that need to be dealt with.
The emotions that come along with it.
The stories behind the adoptions.
The stories after the adoption.
The inspiration.
The beauty.
The need.


In Women's Sunday School we are going through Beth Moore's study on Esther.
I am really enjoying it, it is challenging me on so many levels.
Did you know Esther was adopted? Both her parents died when she was still young. 
That isn't the point of the study but timely, right?

I am a part of a group of moms who meet together twice a month and we are studying Bible Moms together.
Another good read.  And some great ladies.


That is what I'm reading this month....What are you reading?
What do you recommend?
What is challenging or inspiring or entertaining you this month?

Any great must-read adoption blogs that you love?
Please share!


  1. Just finished an Ann Kiemel Anderson book and am just now getting ready to read "Gift from the Sea" by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. I've also started a new Beth Moore Study, "Jesus the One and Only"

  2. Is this your first time reading Adopted For Life??? Oh it is sooo good, isn't it?? I read it at least twice and want to read it again! Will be praying for you guys as you start taking steps toward adoption!