Sunday, March 25, 2012

Family Date

After being away from my men for three days, there was some much needed "family time" to be had!  This week there was a new coffee shop down the road from us that opened up ("Tom n Toms"). It has coffee, smoothies and made fresh to order pretzels (!!!!!).  Songtan is moving up in the world, people!  Really excited about this new "spot" in town and only a few blocks from our house, conveniently located right on the way to church. We had a family date to check it out on Saturday and I thoroughly enjoyed time catching up with my men!


  1. Thank you Jesus for Tom n Toms and thank you for placing it right down the road, thank you for creating coffee beans and fruits and grains for pretzels. Thank you for the family you have so far made the Housers in Korea, thank you for your plans to prosper them, thank you that they love you and love one another and thank you for providing family date time. Thank you they share it with us from so far away. Thank you for a mother's love and a son's love and a husband and father's love. THank you Jesus!

  2. Amen Amen to what my sister Faith wrote above!! I dido it all!! Thank you Lord Jesus for the way You watch over them, for the way You are nurturing them, for the way You have such a deep love for each other. Thank you Jesus for ALL that YOU did for each one of us!! To God be the Glory! :o) Love, Hugs & Continued Prayers, aunt nj in SD! :o)