Friday, March 16, 2012

Recent Conversations

I love this age, I love this age, I love this age (most of the time).

In the past two months Caleb has started imagination games (beyond play cooking, which feels more like imitation than imagination in my opinion).  He woke up on morning, insisting that his name was "Lightening McQueen" and wouldn't answer to Caleb. Or he pretends he has a brother that he asks questions for and talks to.  Or he pretends to be a puppy.  It's been fun, I've enjoyed it and I can't get over the way the human brain makes connections without ever being taught!  I don't think we've ever pretended we were Lightening McQueen  (or any other such character) or played like there was an imaginary person in our house....yet he does it, just like most every other toddler in this world.  It's just cool.

We also continually find amusement on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis with the conversations we have. It's so fun when they start conversing with you (other than the never-ending "why?" conversation, of course, which is way too frequent!).

Some recent fun conversations:

C: Why are you going to Heaven, Mama?
After which I stop everything I am doing to sit down and explain to him just why I am going to Heaven
To which he responds: "I don't want to go to Heaven."
Me: Why?
C:  "Well mom, I really wanted to go on the bus to Seoul today."


C: Do you have a baby in your tummy, mom?
Me:  No, no baby in mama's tummy.
C: Why not?
Me: God hasn't given us one.
C:  Can God give ME a baby in MY tummy? I really want a baby


At dinner tonight (Steve is working with some students tonight but had taken Caleb along with him to a student soccer game this afternoon while I went with a mom to her 42 week prenatal appointment in Seoul):

Me: What did you do today?
C: Went to a soccer ball game with daddy.
Me: Who played?
Caleb: ICS and I said, "go ICS"
Me: Who won?
C:  Son Min 
(Son Min is a player on the team)

And in the conversation:

C: Let's pray for Baby Mathaniel (he means Nathaniel, whose mom I went with to the appointment).
Me: Praying for Baby Nathaniel
C:  Victoria's mom has baby in her tummy? His name is Mathaniel?
Me: Yup
C: Auntie Jeni has a baby in her tummy? What's his name?
Me: Don't know yet. We'll call him Baby for now.
C: Jeanine has a baby in her tummy? 
(Jeanine is a friend who is due the end of March and has been staying with us)
Me:  Yep.
C: Her baby is a girl?
Me; Yep
C: Do you have a baby in your tummy mom?
Me: Nope
C:  When is it your turn? Your turn next?

C: Mom, what's your parents name?
Me: MY parents names?
C: Who their names?
Me: You mean Oma and Opa?
C: Their other names!
Me:  David and Faith?
C: Yeah those names.


C: My name is Caleb Russell Houser Boo.  
Daddy's name is Daddy Russell Houser and your name is Mama Russell Houser!


C: I need to read to my Xylophone and then I'm ready for a bath!


  1. Wow! Caleb is sooooo smart. It's amazing that he was asking about your parent's real names other then Oma and Opa. Sarah you're such a good mom ! <3 (Was so surpised to see the change in your blog page! I like it!)

  2. AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggghhhhh! Thanks for these, somehow he seems "less far away" when we get to peak in. It is so helpful.