Friday, May 25, 2012

Donkey Goose

Anyone want to guess what animal belongs to these feet?

Here's a hint:  Caleb and I discovered a new section of the arboretum yesterday with some good friends that we hadn't explored before and turned out it had several birds and animals.

We called my mom and dad this morning and Caleb excitedly told them about his day and about seeing a "donkey goose" yesterday.  He tried to show them these pictures on my phone but didn't quite understand that we weren't on skype and they couldn't see what he was excitedly showing them.

It made me laugh that in not being able to remember the actual name, he came up with "donkey goose" because, now that he mentions it, Ostriches do kind of look like what a cross between a donkey and a goose might look like.  I love the life-perspective Littles provide.  And the laughs too.

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