Saturday, May 5, 2012


Tomorrow is Sunday again. Seems to happen weekly. Sundays used to be dreaded days for me when we first moved here.  Steve left early and I was left figuring out how to get myself and a little one ready for Church all by myself, we walked to Church by ourselves (usually with me carrying him) regardless of the cold weather or snow, and Church started at exactly nap time.  Steve seemed to be busy from early morning until late night and I resented it, as I adjusted to our new life, new ministry and new country.

I'm happy to say, the Lord has brought me a long way in the past year and half.  With an adjusted attitude and outlook, I've come to enjoy Sundays immensely (although they haven't slowed down one bit).

Here's what last Sunday looked like, to give you a glimpse into our lives:

6am - Wake up
7am - Showered, Dressed and Ready
8am - Students and volunteers over for pancake breakfast before Church
9am - Sunday School for me, Nursery for Caleb, Youth Group for Steve
10am- Check on nursery volunteers, welcome visitors, head to Church
12pm - Linger, fellowship, meet new visitors and close out nursery
12:30pm - lunch with students and/or friends
2pm - head home and tried (unsuccessfully) to put Caleb down for a nap. Friends came over and hung out, students were in and out.
3pm - headed to Church for Concert of Prayer (quarterly event at church) - it was a great time, if you live in Korea and missed it, I would highly recommend the next one!
5pm - Picnic with small group
7pm - Korean Church service (we have these every Sunday but I don't usually go. They are in Korean but translated into English. If you live in Korea and have never been, I'd highly recommend...last week the guest speaker was from the States so they wanted Americans to be in attendance, meaning we all went. It was total fail, Caleb was a basket case by 10pm but we survived).

Each Sunday comes with it's variations.  Some weeks we have orphanage, some weeks we have Leadership meetings, other weeks fellowship luncheons etc (and most weeks we do not have 10pm services that we go to) but all in all, this is what Sunday has come to look like for us.  It's full and it's rich and it's good. It's also busy and hectic and crazy. Sometimes it is stressful but mostly it is fun and filled with people who are dear to us.  But regardless, we would love your prayers on Sundays, as we seek to reach out as a family and serve in our Church, in our community and especially in the youth group.

If you have a pastor or youth pastor or worship leader, deacon or elder at your local Church who serves you each Sunday, don't forget to remember them in your prayers on Saturday nights and Sundays and remember to thank them.  It is something I never thought of before we started full time ministry.  I wish I had - there are a lot of hands that help to make Sunday a day of rest and soul-feeding!

May your Sunday be worship-filled and Blessed.  Wherever you are, enjoy Him.

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  1. AMEN!!! Thank you God for your Glory on Sundays, Thank you for delivering Hawa from stress to joy, Thank you for bow ties on little smiling boys, for nursery and sunday school and pastors and volunteers and orphans and the ministry of caring, thank you and AMEN!!