Friday, July 27, 2012


One thing I am glad I learned from my Grandma Hope and Mom:  How to bake pies!  I don't do it often, but Caleb and I enjoyed baking some for a recent event and I wanted to post a thank you to the women in my family!

Mine is on the far right, Caleb's "pie" is on the left!

Turned out great, love you ladies!


  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Good enough to melt in my mouth just seeing it! Good job! Caleb, how fun, your momma liked those like you made more than the ones we made for everyone else, glad to see the traditions passing onto the next generations!!

  2. Yummmmmers for my already fat tummers!! :o) May I please have a tiny bite of yours Caleb?!?! I remember when my mom (your gramma Hope) would make pies for my dad (your grandpa Norm) and he would always tell her, "this is the best pie ever." Then my mom would make more pie. :o) Such fun and loving memories... How I miss my dad... Anyway, great job you two!! Now, have you tried making my famous choc. chip cookies yet?! :o) I love you! My prayers continue.
    Love, Hugs & Prayer, auntie nj in SD! :o)