Thursday, August 23, 2012

Southern Korea!

As promised and long overdue, here are some pictures from our recent and much needed mini family get-a-way.  We took a train down South, enjoyed mountainous countryside, the small farms and the lack of sky scrapers along the way....met up with some friends of ours who acted as our tour guides and found us a free place to stay for the 2 nights we were there (meaning we basically just paid for our train tickets, such a blessing!) and enjoyed their now almost 5 month old baby girl (I had the joy of attending her birth so I will always have a special little soft spot for her but seriously, she's adorable, I think you'll agree)....and got to take in some beautiful beach time, while also touring Busan, a large and famous city in Korea.

Leaving the station

On the passenger train - South Bound!

Vacation R&R

Arrived late Sunday night

Slept in until 9:30 Monday morning!!!!

Any time you can have mountains and ocean in the same picture, you are in a good place!

I'm really enjoying no painted toes right now - I know, very un-girly of me!

The Dads 

Cute Baby Alert

So. Cute.

Highrise meet ocean, mountains and blue sky

Koreans love little kids and blonde hair in Korea is a novelty.  Caleb attracts doting attention wherever we go.  That afternoon he was brought hot chocolate to warm up with after swimming, grapes, crackers and given a spot under a front row umbrella so he could play in the sand and in the shade. He also had a crowd of on lookers for quite some time.  I think he got tired of answering "what's your name?" and "where are you from?" and "how old are you?" and "can we take your picture?"  Towards the end of the day someone asked his name and he looked at them, smiled and replied "Mickey Mouse!" Then burst out laughing.  

The Moms

Headed Home

The "Cafe" car on the train...!!!

Arcade games, computers and noribong in the cafe car!
I wish airplanes had these!

Home again!

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  1. These were awesome and fun and full! A picture IS worth a 1000 words! SO GLAD you did this, do more of it!!!! I recognize the books you are reading with Caleb, that's fun too! Praying for you and esp for caleb as daddy takes off for India and China!