Thursday, August 2, 2012

Missionary Aircon

In many ways, Korea is a very easy country to live in.  Yes, we have our cultural differences, it's a foreign country, life looks different than in the States, there is no Target and we miss our family and friends horribly but compared to many other countries, we have it pretty easy.  But there are a few things that make us feel like "real missionaries" and one of those is the high temperatures, high humidity and lack of air conditioning.

I read that if you place a frozen bottle of water (or the article suggested milk but seriously milk is way too expensive here to use in such a way!) behind your fan to create "air conditioning."


  1. Well, dear one!!! DOES IT WORK??? :) I never heard that , but then i guess in Guinea it was hard to find freezers too. What a great idea, does it work???

  2. Oh my... ya know... when we think about it, it does kinda make sense... So... does it work?! :o) What a fantastic idea if it does!! Am anxious to find out.
    Love you! Much love, hugs and prayers, Your aunt in SD!