Saturday, September 21, 2013


Dear Caleb,

It is hard to believe that when we packed up our home and moved half way around the world to Korea you were Evelyn Grace's age.  It feels like only a few months ago that you were that smiley cruising "baby" that I thought was "so big."  They really do mean it when they say "it goes fast."

You are now on the tail end of three, speeding towards 4.  You say you "can't wait to be 6!" and you keep our days busy, loud and full.  According to our growth chart you have grown 2.5 inches this summer and I'm fairly certain your speed and volume have increased as well.  You are full of imagination, full of ideas and plans, checklists and instructions, thoughts and questions. Oh the questions! 

You have seamlessly become a big brother; loving every minute of it and absolutely adoring your "little sissy."  You bring her toys, make her laugh, tell her all the things she can't eat and marvel over her milestones.  She can't get enough of you, chases you around with "bra bra" and cries when you leave.  I'm pretty sure you are the center of her world right now. 

You continue to appear an extrovert to the highest degree. You adore your friends, having company over and just being around people in general.  You ask daily, multiple times, to call Sadie or Gavin or Victoria or Lawrence (and on and on).  You no longer ask "What's for dinner" but instead "Who's coming for dinner?"  The sweetest thing (to me) is your constant questions about your cousins:  "What do you think Luke is doing today?" "Where's Audrey?"  and how you proudly show off their pictures when people come over, "this is Luke, it is his birthday this month."  "This is Natalie and the baby Andrew." "Audrey is like really day maybe Luke and I will be big like her too." It makes me wish so badly you were growing up close to them....but it is so precious to me that you have connected so well with them in the short visits you have had.

You beg to "play school" and I have a hard time not jumping the gun in this area.  The more I read about it, the more firmly I think you are better off playing outside, reading books and running around in that imaginary play world you are almost always in.  I try to teach you things when we walk and as we read books and hold off on the phonics and numbers, pencil work and sitting for now. It'll come but you can never get these little boy days back again.  Some days I play along and we color or do an art project, we talk about what month it is or check on the weather, we memorize a psalm or learn a new song.....but mostly, I think play should be your learning for now.  And you are so good at it.  I've never heard an imagination like on, dear one!

Recently, you ask frequently to hear about "the day you were born" and "when you were thumping around in my tummy."  You delight to hear the stories of when I was pregnant with you, our thoughts when we found out you were a boy, the story of the weeks leading up to your birth and how you did not want to come out, and the day you were born.  It has been fun to reminisce.  I am so glad you were given to us and we treasure the gift that you are....It has been fun to watch you unfurl and change, to see the person you are becoming.  I pray frequently each day that I will be the Mommy you need me to be. That I will be wise in raising you.  That I won't neglect to train you.  Your strong leadership personality scares me most days....I pray the Lord uses it and blesses you with a humble, servant leadership that loves Him and loves others more than anything else.

Keep growing Sweet Pumpkin Boy.  And may you never lose your enthusiasm and love for life.

I love you,

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  1. What a beautiful letter to Caleb... I know in my heart he will greatly, GREATLY appreciate what you write him when he gets older and becomes a handsome gentleman. Same with Evelyn Grace. I know in my heart that she too, will greatly, GREATLY appreciate what you write to her as well. You're an AWESOME writer Sarah and so is your handsome hubby Steve! Keep writing! Keep praying. Keep being the wonderful four of you because God and I - we love you each so very, VERY much! You are four amazing blessings to me in my life! Even if you are across the world... I sure do miss you all... With more love, hugs & continued prayers, A. nj