Wednesday, September 11, 2013

8 Months!

Dear Baby Evelyn Grace,

My how time flies!  You are 8 months old this week.  The Lord has blessed you with 8 months of life that have filled our hearts to overflowing and brought a new level of joy to our family.

You have an infectious smile that beams from ear to ear and scrunches up your precious cheeks and little nose.  You are healthy and full of chunks that we love to squish with kisses.  Your precious little hands and feet are reaching to touch everything these days.  Your hair has started really growing.  You are a very inquisitive little girl, observant and noticing everything.  You take it all in, you notice the little things and see the changes - new earrings, a different necklace, a new crumb fallen to the floor, the ways the little balls are attached to the toy, when someone new walks into the room or if someone walks out, if there is a tag on something you will find it.....

Your favorite person in the whole entire world is your brother.  Oh how your eyes light up when he comes bounding in. He can get smiles through your tears, he makes you giggle harder than anyone (except maybe your Daddy), and you watch him intently.  Now that you are more and more mobile, you like to scoot over to him and play with whatever he is playing with....You just can't get enough of your "bra bra."  We refer to him as "Brother" often and recently you have started very obviously calling him.  He is overjoyed that, "She knows my name!!!!"

You have 2 little bottom teeth now and have started taking some bites of "real" food these past weeks - avocado, a little apple and sweet potatoes.  You love your sweet potatoes, promptly reminding me to give you "more please." You love to drink out of real cups (and can do it fairly well on your own, surprisingly).

You love your bath time, your stacking cups, and splash splash splashing. Your favorite toy is our Little People barn and farm animals.  You seem to enjoy "planking" and "doing push ups" or at least you find yourself doing them often....


Today I met someone who I didn't know and she introduced herself as having prayed for you back in January.  It brought immediate tears to my eyes.  I love that.  So many people have prayed for you  - and here you are! Enjoying your 8th month of life BECAUSE OF THOSE VERY PRAYERS and because God answered.  Enjoy it sweet Baby Girl. Enjoy every moment.  We sure are and we soak it up - soak you up - every last smooshy beautiful smiley second we can breathe in. 

We love you.

Always and Forever, Mama, Dada and BraBra


  1. This is beautiful! What a wonderful post, it brought tears to my eyes. I prayed for Evelyn Grace eight months ago, and am so happy she is doing so well. What a precious little jewel.

  2. Hey! How did you sneak these in here on me?! :o) This all made my heart melt with joy and tears... So precious, so beautiful... Evelyn Grace has such a beautiful & radiant smile - we all know Jesus is already living in her precious lil' heart, watching over her & caring for her in every step she makes. Oh how I praise God with you for this bundle of joy whom our awesome God brought into this world through her momma and daddy! I love & adore how big brother Caleb watches over her too with such great love & joy! Praise God from whom all blessings flow... I love each one of you and miss you so much! Love, Hugs & Continued Prayers, A. nj

  3. precious, precious precious!!! God is so good!! love from Bestimor