Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy One + Month Jude Dude!

Our Dear Dear Dear friends (Mark and Megan) recently had their first baby (a boy!) last month....

I was going to do a "Welcome to the World Jude"post but (ahem) his mommy didn't post pictures for a while so I couldn't steal any (I guess she might have a tiny little excuse though so she's off the hook for now)......And now that a month has already warp sped by, here I am posting about it and he is over a month old now!  At any rate, we are so excited for Mark and Megan and this new little blessing in their here's to wishing we lived closer so we could walk through parenthood with them!

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  1. How sweet! Congratulations Mark, Megan and Jude! Many blessings in your walk as parents!