Monday, July 18, 2011

India Team Updates

Steve asked me to go in his work email today and get his flight itinerary....while I was in there I found some India update emails that I wasn't included on =(  Sad!  Apparently I should check his work email more's too bad, would have been fun to be in the loop while he was away.  But anyway, I thought this update might be interesting to pass along and some of you might enjoy the (belated) update from Pastor Nelson:

Hello all!

I wanted to send out a quick update on how things are going in India.

Everyone is fine. A few people have had some minor stomach issues, but nothing serious (they were all adults). Everyone is in good spirits and working hard. We are safe and having a good time.

Yesterday, we finished our pastor's conference. It was tremendous. We had a full building and I believe it was around 200-250 Indian pastors. Armistead, Houser, and I spoke over the course of 2 days to them. We have received lots of positive feedback and have been asked to do this more often. They desperately need more Bible teaching and are asking for it.

Also yesterday, the team finished painting certain buildings of the orphanage on the inside of them. Lots of work and effort there. The crew was tired, but finished it off. May those orphans know that someone cares for them and that God loves them.

This morning, we had the opportunity to go to 2 villages and preach the Gospel. At the first one, Steve Houser shared his testimony and I then preached the Gospel. We were out in the street between houses in the middle of a village doing this. Open air. Praise God, when the call was given to respond to the Gospel, 4 people came to receive Christ. We then went to another village and Brian Nuss shared his testimony and Steve then preached. God worked in the lives of all present!! The Gospel was preached!! We visited with members of the church of that village afterwards and were blessed by their hospitality. While out at the first village, all team members were given Gospel tracts and we went around in this village passing out Gospel literature. These villages were Dalit villages (Untouchables).

This afternoon has been a rest of sorts and this evening we will be going to another village. Lori Thomas (one of the youth from our youth group) will be giving her testimony next and I will be speaking again.

Please pray for God's continuing work in all of those things listed above. Please ask God to protect us, keep us all healthy and strong, and to make us bold for His name, and to move in the lives of the people we are serving. It has been incredible so far....all praise to God our Father!!!!!

Love you all and thanks for your prayers. KEEP PRAYING.
Nelson Chapman

a pic I "stole" from one of Steve's teammates facebook page

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