Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sweet Friends and an Updated Picture

Steve made it to the States late Thursday night (yay! praise the Lord!).  We drove to Rochester, MN to pick him up since all the flights directly into MSP were overbooked.

On Friday, we were able to meet up with some sweet friends.

This is half of our former small group plus 2 new additions who were added while we were in Korea! 

Below is a picture from almost 10 months ago:

Caleb was 8 months old, Tara was in her 3rd trimester and Megs was in her 1st Trimester

10 months later and an updated pic:

Caleb @ almost 18  months, Charlie @ almost 8 months and Jude @ 6 weeks!

Caleb and Charlie

And...Caleb and Charlie!

Oh so much fun!

Miss you girls, love you and love your sweet babies!


  1. GREAT photos! I love the befores and afters!

  2. I love the "after" picture of Caleb and Charlie! How precious is that!