Monday, October 3, 2011


I can't believe much fun this age is!

The things Caleb says often bring a smile to our faces as he practices his language skills and the various words floating around in his head.

One of my favorites today:

"Mama! Caleb go byebye?  Go take da bus to Seoul?  Okay?  Okay! Bye bye, see ya!"

The bus to Seoul is about an hour ride from our town.  A ride he is familiar with and loves.

Another favorite recently:

Me:  "Good Morning Caleb"
Caleb:  "Good MOOORNIN' MAMA!"
Me:  "How did you sleep?"
Caleb: (matter of fact) "Good."
Me:  "I'm glad!"
Caleb: (emphatically)  "ME TOO!"

On the down side of language aquisition, we've been dealing this week with Caleb repeating things he has heard that we do not approve of or want him repeating. Ever.  Seriously, what is wrong with people - the things they say around little ears!

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  1. It was fun watching caleb reading to himself on your face book; we are wondering if he is mixing the korean and english he hears? So attuned! Thanks for parenting him! proud of you!