Thursday, December 15, 2011

We're still around

We're still around, we still live in Korea, we are still a family of 3 and we still miss family at Christmas!

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging much and it has been increasingly slowing down.  I feel bad every time I think of one of my faithful blog readers (aka parents and grandparents) sitting down and checking just to find the same blog post waiting for you, with no updates.  I am sorry.

It's been a long few weeks, in a short and busy kind of way.  Mostly an exhausting, busy, full, gone-from-the-house-too-much kind of weeks where doing the dishes and catching some sleep and prepping food needs to come before blogging.  I'm sorry for that.  Hopefully after the Christmas season, we'll get back into the swing of things, be home a little more, get back on a nap schedule and have some time for blogs.

For now, just know that we are doing okay, we miss you, your boxes that arrived meant more than you can ever know and we've been loving the few Christmas cards that have straggled in.  It really is so fun to have little bits of "home" in our mailbox - if you have ever lived overseas, I'm sure you can relate.  If not, you have no idea how much it means or how it makes our days, weeks and month so special.  It really spells L-O-V-E in a special way to us and fills us with encouragement.  Thank you for thinking of us and remembering us!


  1. Oh, how sweet !! Yup, i'm one of those you feel so sorry for, but when i was lonely for you i just really felt CLOSER as i reviewed the blogs all over again ... the pictures say it all, the decorating the tree feels so so "close" thanks for doing that, and sweetheart as much as i love the blogs, i love that you cook and clean and nurture and are busy there. Thanks!

  2. Merry Christmas! <3 Don't be to hard on yourself! Love you guys and it's sent to you across the miles even if it's in a post once in awhile. : )