Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pooh And Friends

One fine day, Pooh set out on Tigger's shoulders for an adventure through the woods.

Kanga came along too, to take some pictures of all her friends.

The woods were thick and green, as the friends bounced and hopped along.

They used all kinds of new muscles as they played and explored the afternoon away.

Until suddenly, Pooh felt a certain rumbling in his tummy and decided they all ought to head to Owl's home for a bit of honey (that's Pooh's favorite food you know).

The End.

These are the types of days we have lately:  we are full force into imaginative play, with Pooh Bear being at the top of the list of characters and friends to pretend to be and our days are full with narrative and being in character.  It's amazing how many times he can remember he is "Pooh Bear,please, not Caleb" but remembering to say please is nearly impossible!

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  1. Sooo cute! Oughta write your own book on this Pooh! Love you sweet lil' Caleb!! Love you Sarah and Steve!! Love, Hugs & Prayers, aunt nj in SD :o)