Thursday, November 3, 2011

Korean Folk Village

Gail's brother is in town and it has been fun to join them in some of their sight seeing and tourism (hint, hint, feel free to visit us anytime!! we would love love love to show you around and be your tourguide!!).  On Wednesday we went with them to a Korean Folk Village about 2 hours from our apartment.  It's a fun touristy place, with things like mock villages set up, historical information, wish trees, a mock traditional wedding, traditional Korean masks, traditional dances and drum shows etc.  I would liken it to Fort Snelling for all you Minnesotans reading.  The best part (to me) was the absolutely gorgeous fall day and being outside for the entire day.  I think Caleb would agree.  That and he enjoyed his friend Isaac a lot too.  I think our boys consider themselves brothers, it might be a hard break when they find out they really aren't.  It's fun to watch as Isaac grows up (tear) and they can start interacting more together - they have started "palying" (aka interacting) a lot this past month.  Below are some pictures from our day.

Isaac looking so big sitting up in his stroller with his baseball hat!

Best Buds.

For the record, Caleb is 21 months and Isaac is almost 8 months....just goes to show, babies all grow at their own pace and in their own time!  Those growth charts are overrated and unrealistic in my opinion!

Wishing Rock.  Those are all pieces of paper with wishes written and left.

More wishes hanging in the trees (pictured above).

Kimchi pots - this is what kimchi is left in to ferment.
Caleb is trying to learn the "traditional" Korean pose for pictures - the peace sign.

Traditional wedding ceremony - we didn't have very good seats, their backs were to us the whole time!

Caleb making Isaac laugh.

Our boys are regularly "stalked" by Koreans with large cameras wanting to take pics of the American kids.  What they do with these pictures is beyond me - why would you want some random American in your photo album, regardless of how cute they are?!?  We should seriously start charging.  Or at least give out our email so we can get a copy of the pictures - check out that camera!

Gail trying her back hand at carrying water.

Gail trying out the "treadmill"

When Caleb saw the horses, he immediately (on his own) started talking about his Oma (who loves horses and loves to ride).  He wanted me to video for you mom! I thought it was sweet.  I think he thought it was JoJo.

Caleb loved the horse show, or as he called it "horsie dance."

Pictured above is what we had for lunch.

Silk worms.

Kidding.  Although they do eat them here!  This was an exhibit of a lady showing us how to make silk from it.  Pretty cool.

Below is a clip from Caleb on the way home. It is fairly long, mostly I include it for the grandparents and family who might be interested.  Caleb is telling me about the day - He starts out singing "twinkle twinkle little star and then you can hear him pretty well talking about the "horsie dance" and clapping for the guys riding.  He also is trying to see a "tunnel" while we are on the bus (one of his favorite things right now).  Enjoy!


  1. OOooohhhhhhhhh sweet caleb! I miss you! I miss the ponies too! wow, i WANT so much to fly over and get these tours, you show so many interesting facets of Korea...when will you go to a more rural traditional older town? Wait for me!! Love you guys, this was really precious and so are you!

  2. I thought the wishing rock was interesting. Loved the fall pictures. (my favorite time of year) Loved the video of horses for "Oma". That was just to precious!