Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Little Things

Caleb seems to really enjoy when I read him poetry (even though there usually aren't any pictures).  Tonight we read one that seemed fitting to share in the Thanksgiving Spirit!

Dear God, please give me
A Thankful heart for little things --
For sunshine on my kitchen floor,
For news the postman brings;
For memories in the making,
Things the children do and say,
That I will smile about, perhaps,
Some future, lonlier day.

Grant me appreciation
Of the small joys that are mine --
The children's birthday parties,
My honeysuckle vine;
The clean, fresh smell
Of clothes just washed;
The ivy on my wall,
The children's thrilled delight
To wake and find the first snowfall.
For robins in the springtime,
And autumn's crispy weather --
For leaves that cruch,
Friends in for lunch
And laughter shared together.

Give me enthusiasm
To greet each brand new day
With an honest joy in living
As I go my simple way;
I do not ask contentment
That would ambition stay --
But let me love the little things
I find along the way.

~ Helen Lowrie Marshall


  1. Oh what a thoughtful thankful poem, tonight is Thanksgiving Eve, we are headed to church; my counter has a pumpkin pie, sour cream raisin pie and an apple cranberry pie. I will work tomorrow so dad will stuff and roast turkey etc, we will eat about six. We are missing you at our table but SO GLAD for the table you sit at, what an awesome set of blogs, we thank God for you and with you!! blessings!!

  2. THank you for sharing this poem as it is sooo very true. We have so much to be grateful for big and/or small. God is good!! I am even grateful that I get to have you all in my life because you are all so very special to me and you are each a blessing to me! I love you each MUCH!!
    Love, Hugs & Prayers,
    Your auntie in SD!

  3. Sarah, Thanks! I needed this reminder. I need to back on track about being thankful and writing in my "Thanks" journal.Blessings to you and yours tonight!