Tuesday, November 15, 2011

You eat what?!?

I've posted a few blogs about food items we eat in Korea or oddities we have come across.  The food here has actually grown on us a lot this past year and we find ourselves increasingly preferring to eat Korean than eat "American" (ha ha ha, whatever that is) when we eat out.  There are still a lot of things I can't get the courage to try and things that I just plain don't like but increasingly we are preferring our veggies and grilled meat or broth soups to cheese, pizza and bread. Probably not a bad tastebud change to be making.  Anyhow, another great post by Gail's brother from his time here, includes some listings of his favorite foods, along with pictures. I thought I would share the link since he does a great job explaining.....He was a rare visitor who actually enjoyed and embraced a lot of the foods - braver than most!

I hope you enjoy his post "Eating Through Korea."

Part I :  http://www.dreamanvil.com/Korea11/Eat1

Part II : http://www.dreamanvil.com/Korea11/Eat2


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