Monday, June 25, 2012

Just Beachy

This is playing a little blog catch-up but it was a summer highlight so I can't not post about it, even if it did happen a few weeks back!

A dear friend (and mentor) of mine planned a family beach trip and invited Caleb and I along.  It was our first time to the ocean in Korea!!

Now, the ocean is absolutely one of my favorite places EVER and this particular family is a family we all love being around so there was no way we weren't going!  It was still pretty "early" in the summer so we held our breath for good weather and the Friday we went turned out to be great.  It was still fairly cool and somewhat overcast but it wasn't raining and wasn't cold so we were good to go!  We packed in their big van, drove an hour and half of beautiful mountain scenery and arrived at the beach around 10am.  We had a total blast. Caleb never stopped playing and running, barely wanted to stop to eat lunch and tried to grab fist-fulls of sand "to bring home and play with later" when it was time to go at 5pm!

Caleb and Aaron

Caleb and Morgan

Caleb and "the boys"

Caleb and Elijah

Beach Basketball with Luke

Look at those purple lips - cold water!

Wet and Cold, warming up


The mommies 

"bye bye Ocean!"
Caleb's only regret of the day was that we had to leave and he "didn't find the Nemo Fishie."  He has a book about Nemo and was sure he would meet Nemo Fishie at the beach!

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  1. Oh ever so PRECIOUS!! This makes me long to be at the ocean... If only traveling were easier for me... These were sooo fun to see lil' Caleb enjoy God's creation! This is the day in which the Lord has made. Let us rejoice in it all! Praise God from whom all blessings flow... I love each of you!! Love, Hugs & Prayers, Your aunt in SD! :o)