Friday, September 14, 2012

A favorite place

This summer I felt like we became official citizens of Songtan:  We got library cards!!!

I have known for a while the building on the corner about two blocks from our house was a library but just assumed all the books were in Korean.  We even went in a few times, stayed on the main level in the "baby room" and looked at pictures in all the Korean kids books.  But this summer we ventured upstairs exploring and discovered 3 small bookshelves (pictured below) of English kids books!


Then it took us a while to go up to the front desk to ask about a card...see we figured there would be a big process and a form to fill out and well, we don't speak a lot of Korean so we weren't sure how that would go over.  But one day, we got up the nerve and they go the idea what we were asking about.  Turns out, they just needed our names, snapped a picture and made us a card!  We have been back a number of times and it is one of our favorite places.  Caleb literally could stay for hours (and we do) and then he begs not to's only with the promise that we can bring 3 books home with us to check out, that he reluctantly picks his three and heads downstairs.

I love that he shares our love for books and for reading and for libraries.  If you remember a while back I posted that one of the top ten things I miss about the States is libraries.  While this does not fully embody everything I miss about libraries back home, it certainly helps!  And gives us a little more reading material than we have at home.

And makes for a great morning activity with Caleb!

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