Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More on India

The Church showered them with gifts
Steve and Nelson are back and recuperating from their trip to India...It has been so nice to have Steve home and we are thoroughly enjoying daddy time. We had a great day yesterday (his first day back) just enjoying time as a family and hanging out at home.  Today he went back to the office all day but we still enjoyed waking up with him home, eating breakfast as a family, playing at the park before dinner and having daddy home for dinner before youth group.  We've heard lots of India stories and many ways Steve was impacted by the trip and things he did and saw.  They had over 200 pastors attend the conference and enjoyed spending time with other men serious about studying the Word and growing.

Steve teaching

Pastor Nelson teaching


They also had some down time to spend together and sight seeing.

Steve blogged some of his thoughts and additional pictures on his blog - check it out!

Stay tuned for his next trip to a neighboring country coming up September 17!

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  1. Looks like a great, inspirational & encouraging time for both Steve & Nelson. How awesome... I'm very proud of you and your hubby Sarah! And sweet lil' Caleb too! I love you! Continued Love, Hugs & Prayers - Your aunt in SD