Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Steve arrived safely home!  Thank you to many of you who were praying for him while he was away - I know your prayers were answered!

We went with Michelle up to the airport to surprise our men and pick them up - they were expecting to take the bus home from the airport.
Watching for daddy to walk through the doors!


Okay, so I knew Caleb missed Steve a lot but I didn't realize just HOW much he missed him or how sweet it would be to see him "reunite" with his daddy.  He clung to him for the longest time, insisted that dad sit next to him on the drive home and then the whole hour and half drive home kept saying things like "I missed you so much daddy."  "I need you, I love you, I care for you, Daddy!"  And then this morning, first thing he asks: "Is daddy still home mommy?!?" He has been all about everything "Dad" all day and has thoroughly enjoyed the rough housing and "guy time."  It's been so sweet.

We are thrilled to have Steve back and it has been fun to hear about his adventures and all the Lord is doing in India, as well as see all his pictures and video!  I hope he blogs about it soon and when he does, I'll send you his way!

For now, a few pictures from his time away:

Thank you for your prayers during his time away!  


  1. wow, thanks for sharing, brings tears to grandma's eyes ; )

  2. Wow, lil' Caleb really must have missed his daddy incredibly. What a sweet lil' guy! So glad to hear his trip to India went well and was a huge blessing & awesome experience for Steve. I'm gonna check out his blog after I catch up here. Praising God he made it back safely as well as Nelson. Brought tears to my eyes as well... God's blessings! I love you each! Continued Love, Hugs & Prayers - Your aunt in SD