Friday, November 4, 2011

Alien Residents

Today we spent the majority of our day waiting in line here:

At the Suwon Immigration office -- extending our visas for another two years.  We were approved (as far as was translated to us) and are now just waiting for our new cards to arrive in the mail.  That should keep us legal until November 2013.  It is hard to imagine Lil C will be almost 4 by then!

We are forever indebted to this wonderfully humble and patient man:

His English name is "Rock" (don't ask me how to write or pronounce his real name!) and he is the office go-to at church.  He does seriously everything and he has worked with us on countless things (our visas, our healthcare, our apartment, dealing with our landlord, hanging curtains on cement walls, Steve's drivers license -- you name it, he's helped). 

All said and done, we survived our day (again, thanking Rock who helped Caleb by pulling out his iphone and pulling up an online kids video game for him to play once he exhausted all the books and snacks I had brought.....let's face it, toddlers weren't meant to sit for 5 hours straight in a chair in an immigration office).  And now we can legally work and reside in Korea for another two years. Whew!

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