Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Some links to check out

Now that I have been blogging for a year, you can tell my posts are coming less frequently.  Life has been so full and so busy, it is hard to find time to blog.  I also wonder at times how many even still read!  I know there are a few die hard followers (that's what parents are for, right? even when their kids are grown up and parents themselves).

Don't have a lot of time tonight, but two links for you to check out if you are intrested:

Gail's brother (Isaac's uncle) visited Korea and left last week. It was really fun to meet him and see another part of Gail's family.  He has a blog and he posted some of his favorite things, along with a video he made of his trip.  You can watch it here:


The video at the end of the post really is a must see!  He does a great job capturing many positive aspects and places of Korea....maybe he will convince you it's worth saving your pennies to visit us!

Second link is Steve's sermon from Sunday, for those of you who asked.


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  1. Thanks for the links!!!! Watched the first one and will listen to the 2nd one soon!