Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our Church!!

Here's a little video Steve put together that shows our church.  I can't help but tear up when I watch it.  This is our family here in Korea.  When I watch it I see face after face that has grown dear to us this past year.  These are people who have pulled us in, who have taught us how to 'survive' this year, who have provided for us, shared with us, given things to us that we needed, people who have hugged us, prayed for us and loved us. 

I hope this gives you a little taste of our lives and the church we serve, work for and love.


  1. Thanks for sharing! Love the caption at the end!

  2. Sweet! I LOVE it! Steve did such a good job! I feel like I should post this on our blog too to show the world our wonderful church, too!