Friday, November 18, 2011

Steve's trip to India

This is a summary of pictures and video from the mission trip Steve went on this summer. Sorry, I know this is really late in getting posted.  Steve and several youth joined with the broader church team to travel to India.  They painted and fixed up a local orphanage, hung out with the kids and Steve and Pastor Nelson spoke at a Pastor's training conference.  It was an exciting trip.  One of the things that touched Steve the most was seeing how far many of the local pastors traveled to come hear any type of training.  You see, unlike many of us who have access to the internet, books, audio sermons, and virtually any information we want with regards to studying the Bible and growing in our faith, many of them have nothing.  They do not have regular access to training, books in their language or Desiring God conferences to attend or listen to online. Most of them were lay pastors, leading small churches with little instruction and they came quite a distance just to be trained and learn from other pastors.  He also fell in love with the children in India and his heart went out to so many without parents. The youth that went on the trip are still talking about it and were greatly impacted. The very beginning is a little long but it's worth the wait!

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  1. Wow! Had time to come back and watch this. Excellent! Thanks for sharing!