Monday, September 5, 2011

CCS Retreat

Steve had the opportunity to speak at a youth retreat for another Christian School in Seoul (Centennial Christian School or CCS) this past weekend.  Steve, Caleb and I left at about 5:30am Thursday morning, walked to the train station for the hour and half ride into Seoul.  We then drove about 2 hours with the staff to the retreat center and returned Saturday evening.  It was a fun event and we really enjoyed meeting the staff and students at this school.  It was awesome to see the passion and love the staff has for their students.  It's so much more than a job or even a ministry.  They care so much and it was humbling to see them pouring their life out for these 80 high school students.  The kids were a lot of fun too.  It was a busy weekend and C and I were on our own (meaning daddy was off running around playing capture the flag and showing off his running abilities or hanging out with high school boys or working on a talk).  We were never really on our own -- the staff adopted us in and by Friday we felt like part of the family.  Caleb absolutely loved that we got to sing and listen to guitar and piano during worship several times a day.  He also enjoyed the wide open spaces and all the attention.  Here are some pics from our adventure.

5:30AM @ Songtan Station

Steve preaching

pictured above - our beds, just a mat (we brought C's pack 'n play)


  1. You are so beautiful Sarah through and through. I love the way you capture photos of every day things that just shine God's glory in S. Korea, from the smallest flowers to the kids. Love you and keeping you in our prayers.

  2. what a nice trip! I like pictures!
    HEY, the one of yall in front of the rocks looks strikingly familiar to one in the September post!